The future of the European Union

Currently, all British citizens are still citizens of the European Union. However, with far-right Tories heading to a hard Brexit, a “bankrupt” British electoral system in favour of the big parties and with a political leader of the major opposition party indifferent on Brexit, it all looks like British citizens will be robbed of their precious rights as citizens of the European Union within the next two years. Furthermore, the other political opposition leaders are still failing to unite. So, you can not count on them either. There is currently just one chance to reject the new nationalism out of England and Wales and to stop Brexit – or to stop at least a hard Brexit – from happening: you need to engage yourself, as a citizen of the European Union.

Britain needs a grassroots movement by all Remainers.

Here is a proposal in ten steps how it could work for the upcoming general election:

1. Check who is running to become a Member of Parliament in your constituency and check whether these candidates are against Brexit or whether they want to remain in the European Union.

2. Analyze the results of the 2015 General election in your constituency, especially the results of the candidates who are running again in 2017.

3. Analyze strength and weaknesses of the Remain candidates and their political agenda on the one hand and of the Brexit (Tory) candidates on the other hand. Share your thoughts and double-check with other Remainers.

4. Decide who is the most promising Remain candidate in your constituency for beating the Conservative candidate of the Brexit Tories. Double-check with other Remainers in your constituency and those who are already preparing lists for tactical voting across the country.

5. Start campaigning for the respective Remain candidate in your constituency. Contact the candidate. Don’t ask him what she or he can do for you, ask him what you can do for her or him. Campaign for the candidate among your friends, your colleagues and on the street. Explain to the younger generation how much they will lose if Britain leaves the European Union. Unite with others who share your dream that Britain should remain a part of the European Union. Be proactive and creative! Make it a grassroots movement! Mobilize and stay positive! Share this guide with your friends on your social media accounts! Feel free to contribute to what’s best for Britain.

6. Unite with other Remainers, ask other candidates of your constituency who have no chance of winning the mandate to unite behind the most promising candidate, to step down and to recommend to potential voters that they should vote for the respective most promising candidate against Brexit. Be persistent in doing so! Alliances are already starting across the country…

7. Stay positive throughout the whole campaign. Take the great values of Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union as a guiding shining light. The European Union will be reformed. There is more to come…

8. Tories believe that “there is no such thing as society”. And far-right Brexit Tories believe all the more that there is no such thing as European civil society. Let’s prove them wrong! Let’s show them that it is in the making! And let’s focus on one common goal in order to stop Brexit: the far-right Brexit Tories most be voted out of parliament as much as possible! And by the way, that would not only save Britain from leaving the European Union. It would also save Britain from the economic damage Brexit will cause for all Europeans and from which the most vulnerable in Britain will suffer the most. It would save Britain to become a global tax haven or – to say it more bluntly – to become a global tax hooker. It would save Britain’s local communities and socially disadvantaged people from the unfair budget cuts of the Brexit Tories. It would save the NHS, the jewel of Britain’s social system, from being sold into a trade deal with the Trump administration. It would save Britain certainly more from the new racism and nationalism. It would save Britain from becoming a big brother state with laws like the Snooper’s charter. It would save Britain from even economically irrational new nuclear power plants. So undoubtedly in my view, British citizens have all reasons to vote the Brexit Tories out of parliament. And Remainers do have these reasons even more.

9. But anyway, let’s not get ourselves dragged into the bad picture. Let’s stay positive. A vote for the most promising Remain candidate in your constituency would simply mean a vote for a more open-minded, a more tolerant, a more just, a more sustainable, an economically more successful, a more adorable, a more European Great Britain. Therefore, campaign until June 8 as much as you can. It could be your last chance to stop (a hard) Brexit from happening, at least for the next five years…

10. And last but not least: vote for the most promising Remain candidate, regardless of which party she or he belongs to, in your constituency on June 8. Good luck!

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